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Avian & Exotic Care

All pets deserve exceptional care from a qualified veterinarian. Whether you share your home with a ferret, a parakeet or a sugar glider, you can expect us to treat them as our very own and provide you with valuable information regarding their care.

Since avians and exotic pets are not as common as cats and dogs, knowledge of how to properly raise and handle these animals is relatively spare. We encourage any owners of an avian or exotic animal to seek treatment for their pet and consult with our knowledgeable veterinarians in Countryside whenever they have any questions or concerns. Along with routine physical exams, which we recommend annually, we can also perform diagnostic tests and X-rays if needed to look for underlying health problems.

Always do your research before considering an avian or exotic pet, as they require a lot of responsibility. We invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions about bringing a non-traditional pet into your home.

Caring For Your Avian Pet

Birds require a lot of attention and socialization at home, due to their high intelligence and need for mental and physical occupation. They need to have sufficient room in their enclosures to spread their wings and fly, and have plenty of toys and mirrors for beak-wear and diversion. Birds can be messy, so their enclosure needs to be cleaned often. Following a physical exam of your avian pet, your veterinarian will discuss the following topics with you:

  • Nutrition

  • Handling

  • Habitat

  • Maintaining a Healthy, Low-Stress Environment

  • Recognizing Illness or Injury

  • Grooming/Hygiene

Keeping Your Exotic Pet Happy & Healthy

Your exotic pet should be examined once or twice a year for any unusual health changes or behaviors. Make sure to interact with your pet on a daily basis, and keep their habitat clean and comfortable at all times. During their annual visit, we can recommend proper nutrition and handling and offer suggestions about whether they can live peacefully with other pets. If you have any questions or concerns about the wellbeing of your exotic pet, don’t hesitate to call our hospital or bring them in to see us. Exotic pets come in various species, colors and textures, and all have their own unique needs.