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Countryside Veterinary Center

Laser Surgery

We use advanced laser techniques to perform a number of soft tissue procedures your pet may need.


Laser surgery uses advanced laser technology to perform soft tissue procedures such as growth and cyst removals, a number of surgeries on the ears, mouth, throat, and nose, and even cancer surgery. If laser surgery is recommended for your dog, cat, or other animal, we will do everything possible to keep them safe and comfortable before, during, and after the surgery.

Why would my pet need laser surgery?

Laser surgery is used for various surgical procedures and offers greater precision, reduced swelling and pain, less bleeding and a reduced risk of infection compared to traditional surgery.

When would my pet need laser surgery?

If your pet has experienced a trauma, sickness or emergency, consult with our doctors immediately. Our doctors will examine your pet and recommend the best treatment option at that time.

How does laser surgery work?

CO2 laser systems, combined with state-of-the-art laser science and advanced laser technology, produce highly concentrated light rays for superior precision, control, power, and predictability. Interaction of these laser light rays with the living tissue offers a different approach to surgery than conventional scalpel procedures, resulting in less bleeding and bruising, and a faster recovery. The laser uses the highly focused beam of light energy to cut through tissue precisely by vaporizing cells along the incision while causing minimal damage to adjacent healthy tissue.

Our veterinarians will determine the best anesthetic plan for your cat, dog, or other pet, as the type and amount of anesthetic drugs we use will vary depending upon age and health. We believe that keeping our patients safe and comfortable before, during and after surgery is of the greatest importance and an essential component of your pet's care.